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KID aims to assist you in understanding how design may be a powerful tool to increase the added value of your products or services and therefore contribute to the growth of your company, regardless of the business you may be in or the size of your company.

If design is an essential component of the global business strategy, it can be a strong element of differentiation of your products or services, as the end-user is put at the heart of the whole development process.

A true driver of innovation for SMEs, the design process can take on very different aspects in your product or service offering or way of working. But above all it is a mindset, a way of working that can impact the entire company. The design process can offer new growth opportunities, may reveal new ways of reducing costs, and can also improve the product's uses and performances.

KID aims to raise awareness about how design can help companies to innovate and rethink their ways of developing new products and services.

Discover how different SMES have taken advantage of design to differentiate their products and services from their competitors in the marketplace, whilst increasing customer satisfaction and improved end-user experiences : Design stories.