KID offers you an original and personalized approach which can be adapted to the specifics of your territory, and puts your business advisers at the heart of the program. KID's aim is to ensure that your advisers fully "embrace" design, and the design process, so that it will become a natural element of innovation for the companies in your territories.





KID is a program based on true perspective : it will allow you to lead business managers to integrate design in their development process without even pronouncing the word "design" – thanks to the culture of use and "design tool box" ownership.

KID aims to assist you in understanding how design may be a powerful tool to increase the added value of your products or services and therefore contribute to the growth of your company, regardless of the business you may be in or the size of your company.



KID is a program that aims primarily at raising awareness about the strategic potential of design amongst local stakeholders of a given territory (innovation support organizations, business advisors and business managers). The other purpose of the program is to train these individuals so that design will be used as an authentic and strategic tool for all forms of innovation.

The KID project has been made possible through the REDI program, which has been co-financed by the European Union and by a task force including the stakeholders of the Region of Brittany in France (la Région Bretagne) and has been experimented with business advisers in the field and with pilot companies in collaboration with professional designers.